The Lattenburys

Moats Way Ltd are excited to share with you their vision for The Lattenburys*

*The Lattenburys is a working project name.  The naming of any future villages will follow the usual public engagement process, which would most likely be led by the Council.

The Lattenburys provide a unique opportunity to deliver two new, sensitive and sustainable linked villages to the east of Godmanchester.

Two villages, Great Lattenbury and South Lattenbury, but one community with a shared sense of place and identity that will sit sensitively in the local landscape. At the heart of the proposals is a commitment to deliver an excellent quality of life for all generations, in a mix of homes ranging in size, style and affordability.

Huntingdonshire has a strong reputation as a place where people want to live, work and stay. These new villages present a unique opportunity to strengthen this and deliver high-quality homes within the District, while enhancing employment opportunities, creating a community which supports the needs of residents, and tackles climate change while caring for the environment.


Moats Way Ltd comprises a partnership between two companies; Endurance Estates and Markham & George. Endurance Estates and Markham & George are two well regarded local property companies, with a track record of delivering high quality new homes and communities that are sustainable, sensitive to their surroundings and great places to live, work and enjoy.

Both companies are supported by an extensive team of professionals including:

Why now

These proposals respond directly to Huntingdonshire District Council’s recently launched ‘Call for Sites’ consultation as part of the second phase of their engagement on a full update to the Local Plan.

The Call for Sites is a process in which developers, landowners and members of the public are invited to put forward potential sites across the District for consideration, including; residential (such as housing, specialist homes, moorings, care homes), commercial (such as retail, leisure, industrial, logistics), Infrastructure (such as health uses, community facilities, renewable energy), open space uses (such as sports and recreation, allotments, biodiversity net gain, flooding safeguarding).

Click the button below to view a full copy of ‘The Lattenburys Vison and Prospectus’ submitted to Huntingdonshire District Council.

Why here

  • The Lattenburys provide an opportunity to create a vibrant community on land that is suitable, available and deliverable.
  • Sat within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, the site is strategically located to support the towns of Huntingdon, St Ives and St Neots.
  • The location of the Lattenburys ensures it is easily served by existing infrastructure, such as key highway routes (A14, A1198 and A1307) and doesn’t require any expensive strategic infrastructure.
  • Huntingdon train station is under 5km from the site, providing frequent services to both Peterborough and London.
  • The topography of the land enables the two villages to nest sensitively into the existing landscape.

What Next

  • The suitability of the sites submitted to the Council will be assessed for their potential allocation for their proposed use in the Local Plan update and consulted on in the future by the Council.
  • Moats Way Ltd are committed to future positive and open engagement with local residents, Parish Councils and other interested stakeholders
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